14- APPENDIX B: Design Team and Program Club Engagement Award

14.1 Background

14.1.1 Recognizing Engagement

UBC Engineering students supplement their education with a high level of involvement in extracurricular activities, such as Design Teams and Program Clubs. These pursuits benefit student learning immeasurably. In order to support engagement in Design Teams and Program Clubs, the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) feels it is important to recognize those students who make valuable contributions to their extracurricular organizations.

14.1.2 Source

In June 2019, the EUS Board of Directors voted to transfer funds to the EUS Endowment Fund in order to use the fund to grant scholarships to members making extraordinary contributions to extracurricular pursuits within UBC Engineering. The fund generates approximately $8,500 for award dispersal per year.

14.1.3 Description

Every year the EUS shall distribute at least three Design Team Engagement Awards, provided there are sufficient qualified nominees. For each award, $500 shall be granted to the nominee and $750 shall be awarded to the Design Team nominating them. For the Design Team Engagement Awards, applications shall open February 1 and must remain open for two (2) weeks. Recipients shall be selected by March 1.

The EUS shall also distribute $400 per Program Club for the Program Club Engagement Awards, where each Program Club may choose the recipient(s) of their award. Each Program Club may choose how many awards to distribute with their $400 allocation, and may develop their own application and evaluation procedures. Recipients must be communicated to the Chair of the Selection Committee by March 1.

14.1.4 Eligibility

  1. The applicant must be an active member of the UBC (Vancouver) Engineering Undergraduate Society and full-time student at the time of the award disbursal:

    1. Active members of the Engineering Undergraduate Society are defined as "Undergraduate Engineering students who have paid their EUS student fees," according to the EUS Constitution.

    2. Full-time student is defined by the province of BC: a student must be enrolled in 60% of his/her program’s full-time course load.

  2. The applicant must be in Good Standing at the time of the award disbursal:

    1. Good Standing is defined by the UBC Calendar: students must achieve a credit-weighted average of at least 55% and pass at least 65% of all courses taken since the last academic performance.

  3. An academic term shall be defined as a winter regularly scheduled session term during which the student was a full time student at UBC, excluding co-op and exchange.

  4. The applicant must have fully completed and submitted an application before the designated due date.

  5. Co-op students are still eligible for the full value of the award.

  6. The applicant must not have received the same category of award previously.

  7. The applicant must not be a member of the following:

    1. Selection Committee

    2. Incoming Board of Directors

14.1.5 Selection Criteria

  1. The applicant will be selected based on demonstrated:

    1. Leadership

    2. Dedication

    3. Personal Initiative

    4. Service to their associated extracurricular (Design Team or Program Club)

  2. If possible, the selected recipients must collectively represent the diversity of the engineering community.

  3. Please note that grades are not considered in selecting recipients for these awards, so long as the applicant is in good standing with the university.

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